The Abbey’s Premieres ‘Starless’ Video Single from Debut Album ‘Word of Sin’

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

The Abbey has been making headlines recently with the upcoming release of their debut album, ‘Word of Sin.’ The album has been praised by critics and fans alike, and the band has been busy promoting it through various media outlets.

The Abbey is a Finnish progressive doom metal band that has been making waves in the music industry since the early 2000s. The band consists of Natalie Koskinen (vocals), Jesse Heikkinen (guitar, keyboard, percussion, and vocals), Janne Markus (guitar), Henri Arvola (bass), and Vesa Ranta (drums).

The Abbey’s debut album, ‘Word of Sin,’ is an ambitious masterpiece recorded between April and November 2021 and features guest appearances from Natalie Koskinen (Shape of Despair), Jesse Heikkinen (Henget, Iterum Nata, etc.), Vesa Ranta (Sentenced, The Man-Eating Tree), and Janne Markus (The Man-Eating Tree).

The Abbey’s sound is rooted in the progressive metal genre but with influences from a variety of genres, including doom, death, and black metal. The band’s sound is characterized by intricate melodies, heavy riffs, and powerful vocals, and their debut album is set for release on February 17th, 2023, via Season of Mist.

Season of Mist is a French record label founded in 1996 by Michael S. Berberian in Marseille, France, and specializes in metal. The label has an impressive roster, having signed bands such as OAK, Sólstafir, Ne Obliviscaris, Carach Angren, Gaerea, Abbath, Archspire, Watain, Rotting Christ, Christian Death, and many others. In addition, on October 31st, 2022, Season of Mist announced the signing of The Abbey.

The Abbey, at the time, commented on the signing, “We feel honored and privileged to get to write a new chapter in the history of Season of Mist – a distinguished label that has the courage and vision to do something extraordinary. We do believe that the collaboration between Season of Mist and The Abbey is going to lead us to great things.”

Accompanying the announcement, the band has unveiled the first single, ‘A Thousand Dead Witches,’ alongside a sinister music video that will take you right amid the Samhain festivities.

The album is being released to critical acclaim and has already gained fans from all over the world. It is sure to be a hit with fans of the progressive doom metal genre, as well as those who appreciate the hard rock and heavy metal sound of The Abbey.

Indeed, when it comes to music, we often overlook that its success relies not only on the power of its sound but also on its powerful words and ability to create a vivid visual experience. It is like creating a world with notes or telling a story through the melodic nuances of a single riff – the work of an alchemist and the magic of artists.

The Abbey has discovered the exquisite secret formula for creating music that captures the essence of emotion and experience. Their compositions carry a deep, powerful meaning and evoke a range of emotive resonance in the hearts of their listeners. Their music is truly a masterpiece, and it is no wonder why they have become one of the most beloved musical acts in the world.

Before delving into the secrets of this project, let us first experience its intensity. ‘Rat King’ is a serene introduction, but take caution, for at the end, the alchemist reveals his true purpose and takes us on a two-faced journey, oscillating between the depths of doom and the progressive turns of the guitar.

Similarly, the subsequent track, ‘A Thousand Dead Witches,’ blurs the boundaries between genres, creating a hybrid soundscape before ultimately reaching its climax. It creates a labyrinth of sensations, which is seemingly stuck in time, creating an atmosphere that is both intriguing and captivating.

The third track ‘Crystallion’ is a tribute to the work of Finnish music veteran Jesse Heikkinen, who seeks to chronicle the mysteries of the occult, starting with the legendary Aleister Crowley’s ‘Abbey of Thelema.’ Located in Italy, amid the exotic beauty of Sicily, this building has been the source of several controversies over the years, finally leading to Crowley’s exile by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

On ‘Crystallion,’ Jesse Heikkinen’s voice gives an ethereal touch to the esoteric mythology, reviving it through his scratchy tones. Underpinned by a well-paced score, the track weaves its way through the many stories of the Abbey, creating a captivating experience.

The song ‘Starless’ is an ode to the wonders of the unknown, featuring Natalie Koskinen’s remarkable vocals and a powerful sound system. The follow-up single, ‘Desert Temple,’ is an impressive display of the drumming prowess of Vesa Ranta.

He showcases his musical knowledge with a range of dynamic rhythms and his experience as a filmmaker with a series of special effects that are essential to the song’s story. This is a first in which the drums become an integral part of a narrative, and it is Vesa Ranta’s expertise that makes it possible.

The mysterious art of alchemy is beautifully personified in the words of Heikkinen. He brings attention to the often neglected spontaneity of sound, which serves as a bridge between music and inner discovery. This organic quality explains the success of Heikkinen’s ‘Word of Sin,’ a hybrid genre that expands beyond the boundaries of traditional music.

A living testament to this skill is ‘Widow’s Will,’ a track that carries the vintage sincerity of the 70s. The captivating music is accompanied by Natalie Koskinen’s enchanting voice, creating a dreamlike soundscape reminiscent of Herzog’s Nosferatu.

The Abbey - ‘Word of Sin’
The Abbey – ‘Word of Sin’

The Abbey project is a powerful ensemble of guest artists – Jarmo Heikkinen on the lute, Joonas Karjalainen on additional keys, Mikko Kiiveri on additional percussions, Ossi Oikari on SFX, Kyösti Rautio on guitar and additional keys – that have broken away from the boundaries of the musical canon.

In the album’s concluding moments, Henri Arvola’s bass and Janne Markus’s guitar especially shine, providing a broad range of action and evocation. The two instrumentalists display impressive technique in the backdrop, where the choir is filled with progressive experimentation.

The Abbey project provides a complex theatre of visual phantoms that is deserving of great recognition.

‘Word of Sin’ comes to a close with a story-driven two-part composition. Opening with a powerful prologue, ‘Old Ones’ develops into one of the most captivating and emotionally charged farewells of recent memory. A combination of fiery riffs, glistening melodies, and elaborate songwriting drives the song into a dark and heavy march whilst still managing to surprise us with some expertly crafted gothic elements that perfectly fit into the initial concept.

In the end, ‘Word of Sin’ is the perfect amalgamation of sound, a stunning combination of precision and genius. This debut album is the embodiment of a mysterious world, one which can be enjoyed by both the most experienced music connoisseur and the skeptic alike. Let yourself be enveloped by the spontaneous alchemy of this incredible art as it manages to reach the depths of the most discerning minds and hearts.

The band has also been featured on various podcasts, including the podcast ‘The Metal Podcast,’ where they discussed their upcoming release and the current state of the music industry. They also recently performed a live-stream concert, which was viewed by thousands of fans.

The Abbey has also been featured in print magazines, such as Rock Sound, in which they gave an in-depth look into the writing and recording process of ‘Word of Sin.’ They also recently partnered with Vevo to create an exclusive music video for the single ‘Widow’s Will.’

The Abbey has already released music videos for the singles, ‘A Thousand Dead Witches’ and ‘Widow’s Will,’ and most recently for their latest song, ‘Starless,’ taken from their upcoming album, and the accompanying video is a mesmerizing and ethereal journey through an otherworldly landscape which is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

In the video, we see the band performing against a backdrop of a dark and mysterious environment filled with eerie and surreal visuals. The song itself is a powerful and intense offering, with heavy riffs, intricate melodies, and powerful vocals. The combination of the visuals and the music make for an unforgettable experience.

The Abbey have been gaining a dedicated following for their passionate and intense live performances, and the release of this new music video is sure to add to the anticipation for the new album. Fans have already started talking about the video and eagerly awaiting the full album.

The album is available for preorder as a CD Digipak and will be released in a variety of formats, including digital and vinyl. It is being released as a limited edition, so be sure to get your copy before it is gone.

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