Tsjuder Returns with Blistering New Album ‘Helvegr’ and Releases Video

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Tsjuder, the Norwegian black metal hellblazers recently revealed their forthcoming album, ‘Helvegr.’ As a highly anticipated successor to their 2015 record ‘Antiliv,’ it is set to be launched this June through the Season of Mist.

In tandem with the revelation, Tsjuder unveiled a fresh music video for ‘Gods of Black Blood,’ a track from their upcoming ‘Helvegr’ album. Characterized as unprocessed Norwegian black metal, the band is eager to present this song to their supporters. They stated, “today ‘Gods of Black Blood’ from our forthcoming album ‘Helvegr’ is unleashed. This is raw Norwegian Black Metal! Choke on it!”

Tsjuder originated in Oslo, Norway, in the early 1990s from a multifaceted cultural and social backdrop that played a significant role in the birth of Norwegian black metal. This environment comprised an intricate network of artistic and intellectual currents, such as the early nineteenth-century romanticism and the impact of the German thinker Friedrich Nietzsche. These currents underscored self-reliance, emotiveness, and the defiance of established standards, striking a chord with the budding creatives and performers who eventually established the black metal milieu.

The name Tsjuder is derived from the word “chudder,” which is a dialectical term used in the northern part of Norway to describe a person who is mean or unpleasant. The band adopted this name as a reflection of their musical and ideological approach, which emphasizes aggression, darkness, and a rejection of societal norms. The name also reflects the band’s commitment to their Norwegian roots and their desire to create music that is authentic and true to their cultural heritage.

In this wider framework, Tsjuder’s musical and philosophical stance was distinguished by its unwavering dedication to satanism and opposition to Christianity. Their provocative and contentious lyrics and visuals symbolized a dismissal of conventional society and an aspiration to challenge the limits of artistic creativity. This attitude manifested in their process, focusing on crafting music that remained authentic to their origins while embracing innovation in sound and aesthetics.

Tsjuder’s music and beliefs have garnered varied reactions from global audiences. Within the realm of metal, the band is acknowledged for their exceptional skill, unwavering devotion to their values, and the impact they have had on the wider black metal landscape. Conversely, their anti-Christian and satanic motifs have stirred up controversy, not only among metal enthusiasts but also in the broader public. In certain instances, their music and visuals have been perceived as advocating aggression and animosity, prompting demands for censorship and disapproval from religious and political factions.

A crucial element of Tsjuder’s sonic identity involved their composition methods, instrument choices, and recording techniques. They were inspired by an extensive array of sources, encompassing the thrash and death metal groups of the 1980s and the trailblazing black metal artists of the 1990s, resulting in a sound that was simultaneously primal and forceful, yet skillfully refined and sophisticated. Employing discordant harmonies, rapid-fire drumming, and tremolo strumming contributed to an atmosphere of hostility and pressure, while integrating facets of punk and hardcore infused their music with a sense of immediacy and vigor.

Amidst the controversies, Tsjuder has maintained its status as a revered and impactful force within the black metal domain. Their body of work, featuring albums such as ‘Kill for Satan,’ ‘Demonic Possession,’ ‘Desert Northern Hell,’ ‘Legion Helvete,’ and ‘Antiliv,’ encapsulates a distinct and captivating segment of black metal’s chronicle, highlighting the band’s artistic development and unwavering allegiance to their core values.

Throughout their musical journey, Tsjuder has produced several well-received albums, each demonstrating the band’s distinctive style and methodology. Their discography features ‘Throne of the Goat,’ a self-released demo from December 1996, marking Tsjuder’s initial foray into recorded music. It embodies a primal, forceful, and fervent sound that would later become a signature of their work. The unrefined production contributes to the demo’s overall ambiance. This early release highlights the band’s promise and establishes the direction for their subsequent creations.

On December 6th, 1998, Tsjuder’s first official release, the ‘Demonized’ EP, was launched via Drakkar Productions. Comprising four tracks, the EP highlights the band’s singular sound and technique. Compared to the demo, the production quality is enhanced, yielding a more sophisticated and cultivated audio experience. The lyrics delve into topics of satanism and opposition to Christianity, mirroring the band’s dedication to their belief system.

On September 23rd, 2000, Tsjuder’s debut album, ‘Kill for Satan,’ was released through Drakkar Productions, rapidly cementing their status as a rising talent in the Norwegian black metal arena. The album comprises nine tracks distinguished by their primal and forceful sound, accentuated by the band’s potent and fervent performances. The production quality, having progressed from the EP, presents a more sophisticated and polished audio experience.

Demonic Possession’ stands as the sophomore full-length studio release and was unveiled on January 13th, 2002, through Season of Mist. Comprising nine tracks, the album demonstrates the band’s technical expertise and singular approach.

Desert Northern Hell’ was released on November 1st, 2004, through Season of Mist, and witnessed Tsjuder further honing their sonic identity, infusing intricate rhythms and melodies while preserving their characteristic ferocity. The album comprises nine tracks that demonstrate the band’s technical aptitude and distinct approach. The production values have advanced since their prior releases, culminating in a more sophisticated and cultivated audio experience. The album’s lyrics persist in delving into topics of satanism and opposition to Christianity, mirroring the band’s unwavering dedication to their belief system.

‘Legion Helvete’ represents the fourth full-length studio offering, released on November 14th, 2011, through Season of Mist, the album comprises nine tracks that highlight the band’s primal vigor and fervor. Signifying Tsjuder’s resurgence following an extended break, the album was met with considerable acclaim from both supporters and reviewers.

Released on September 18th, 2015, ‘Antiliv’ signified Tsjuder’s resurgence after an extended break and was met with considerable acclaim from both supporters and reviewers. The album displayed a progression of the band’s sonic signature, integrating punk and hardcore aspects while preserving their black metal foundation. The album comprises nine tracks that demonstrate the band’s primal vigor and intensity. The production values, once more advanced from their earlier releases, result in a polished and sophisticated sound. The lyrics persist in examining satanism and anti-Christian themes, underscoring the band’s enduring allegiance to their core principles.

Tsjuder’s collection of work embodies a distinct and captivating segment in the annals of black metal. From their initial demos to their latest album, the band has ceaselessly challenged the genre’s limits, exploring diverse sounds and approaches while staying loyal to their foundational values. Their dedication to producing music that is both unyielding and genuine has garnered a devoted global following, and their discography exemplifies their singular style and methodology. Each album symbolizes a unique phase in the band’s journey, highlighting their artistic growth and unwavering commitment.

After a significant hiatus, Tsjuder has made a comeback with a much-anticipated, fresh full-length masterpiece. This release constitutes the band’s inaugural full-length album since 2015 and showcases an invigorated lineup, featuring drum virtuoso Jon “The Charn” Rice (Umbra Vitae, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats) behind the drum kit.

This forthcoming album is set to exhibit the genuine essence of True Norwegian Black Metal, a sound that Tsjuder played a pivotal role in shaping during the 90s. Combining their hallmark fusion of primal ferocity and technical mastery, the band is poised to leave an indelible impact on the black metal landscape once more. Undoubtedly, this incendiary sonic onslaught will become one of the most discussed releases of 2023, with a focus on sacrilege and relentless drumming.

For Tsjuder enthusiasts, ‘Helvegr’ represents a thrilling resurgence of the band’s original essence. Boasting a revitalized lineup and steadfast devotion to their foundations, Tsjuder is poised to unleash one of their most potent and influential albums to date. This offering is essential listening for those who relish the fierce and unyielding character of black metal tunes.

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