Perros de Reserva will host a night with wolves and vampires

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Martha del Pilar Moreno

This coming Friday, August 19th at Canterbury Café bar, Perros de Reserva will release the first volume of their graphic novel ‘Los Vampiros de la Carretera,’ a novel created in liaison with artist Eleesar. The release party has a very straightforward theme ‘Una Noche de Lobos y Vampiros,’ where Revolver Plateado will represent the lycanthropes and Perros de Reserva will stand for Vampires.

Few times there has been a crossover between artistic tendencies in a band; Colombian bands are no exception to this rule. Some artists, musicians, in particular, become specialists of their craft. They may appreciate the richness of other art forms, such the plastic or scenic arts, but dare not to explore said medias as an extension of their creative narrative. Perros de Reserva has made the leap to use graphic novels to extend the reach of their story. Together with Colombian graphic artist Eleesar, they have created a work of art that follows the conceptual beginning of the band.

The graphic novel, entitled ‘Los Vampiros de la Carretera’ (Road Vampires) depicts the fantasy version of Perros de Reserva’s origins. In this version, if you know the band’s aesthetic direction, you will recognise each of its members, exploring their alter-egos with special attention to the mastermind behind the concept of the band, Elliot, who we will see rising to become a theatrical character. This graphic novel also serves as an extension to Perros de Reserva lore, so, it will become a series of books in the future as the band explores its universe.

As a way to release ‘Los Vampiros de la Carretera,’ there was a first release at the Comic Con Colombia. At this Comic Con held in Medellin last June, this graphic novel was well-received by comic book fans that are not into rock or metal, and by those rock/metal fans that are not into comic books. The best of both worlds combined in a graphic novel.

This Friday, the release campaign continues with a concert that will bring together two of the most relevant and fresh bands in the Colombian music scene. The Bogota-based Revolver Plateado first appeared on the scene back in 2010 and has earned several fans since. With a style that ranges from hard rock and blues to more alternative sounds, this band has developed a very solid live show, where you can see how passionate they are about playing.

In contrast, Perros de Reserva will offer a more elaborate show. With deep influences in industrial rock and alternative metal, this act will orchestrate a performance worthy for all spectators. They have been touring throughout the year, playing in Medellin, Bogotá, Barranquilla among other places in Colombia as well as playing in Lima, Perú. This Friday, they will perform their last show as part of the promotional tour ‘Mal Amor’ in order to focus on the recording for the next album.

So, if you happen to be looking for something interesting to do this Friday, August 17th you should go to ‘Una Noche de Lobos y Vampiros.’ The event will take place at Canterbury Café (Carrera 71D No. 3A -37 Sur) bar at 10 p.m. with the performance of Revolver Plateado and Perros de Reserva, with a ticket costs $10,000 (3 US Dollars).

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