Paulo Álvarez exhibits Canto Tercero at Galeria Neebex

Born on March 12nd, 1981, Paulo Álvarez is a Colombian imperialist artist specialized in both graphic design and professional illustration with intense personal gloomy silhouettes leaning toward the brilliance and iniquity present in his pragmatic photographs. Besides his artistic deviances, he is also a highly valued professor at Universidad Católica de Colombia. On October 28th, we had the occasion to attend Canto Tercero, which concludes the trilogy from the odd Circulos Invisibles notion, which was previously exhibited at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Bogotá.

Agustin Segundo Lobos

The Palace of Rotting Flesh: the Art of Agustin S. Lobos

“It’s gonna be a fucking blood orgy,” said Agustin Segundo Lobos over drinks in downtown Guelph, Ontario. He smiled, “I have been telling that to everyone, ‘A blood orgy.'” Agustin (“Augy” to his friends and fans) is one of the most interesting and iconoclastic young artists to spring onto the art scene in recent years, having created a distinctive and immediately recognizable body of work that elicits intense emotional responses from its viewers. His paintings, depicting haunting, gruesome figures screaming off the canvas, are rendered with extreme precision in stark hues of black, white, blue, and red.

The Ester Segarra and Zbigniew M. Bielak experiment

It is said that in numerous occasions we assimilate our favorite musical genres merely by the compositions transpired through the records we listen, or the live performances we assist, however it is far common to purchase a record judging by its artwork, other than the acts conceptual photographs that soon and quietly conquer the front pages of our predilected metal publications.

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