Agustin Segundo Lobos

The Palace of Rotting Flesh: the Art of Agustin S. Lobos

“It’s gonna be a fucking blood orgy,” said Agustin Segundo Lobos over drinks in downtown Guelph, Ontario. He smiled, “I have been telling that to everyone, ‘A blood orgy.'” Agustin (“Augy” to his friends and fans) is one of the most interesting and iconoclastic young artists to spring onto the art scene in recent years, having created a distinctive and immediately recognizable body of work that elicits intense emotional responses from its viewers. His paintings, depicting haunting, gruesome figures screaming off the canvas, are rendered with extreme precision in stark hues of black, white, blue, and red.

Iron Maiden join Black Sabbath at Graspop Metal Meeting

The promoters of Graspop Metal Meeting set to take place on June 17th to 19th 2016 in Dessel, Belgium, have announced that the British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden are confirmed to headline the sixteenth edition, while sharing the stage with previously announced Black Sabbath.

System Of A Down lands in Bogotá this Saturday

System Of A Down, emblematic band from the dusk of this millennia, will land in Colombian territory to give a concert that most of us have been waiting for for ages, this upcoming Saturday, October 3rd, in Bogotá as part of their Wake Up the Souls World Tour. The long awaited concert will take place at the Parque Deportivo 222.

Photograph by Khris Forero

Mortuorum to be unleashed at Festival Rock al Parque

Colombian melodic death metallers Mortuorum are fitting to pillage the stage of Festival Rock al Parque this coming Saturday, August 15th, 2015. They will be sharing the stage with Poland’s blackened sacrilegious Behemoth and middle-eastern Mesopotamians Meleschech. Truth be told I was dazzled by their hasty professionalism approached via Facebook to forward their information so that I could labour an article and consequently propose the act colossal sonority to a far-reaching audience. If you are not particularly familiar with the technical sourness, yet progressive grandeur sanctioned on their lavish sonority, Mortuorum is definitely one of those Colombian acts that can raise the Colombian flag high and proudly, and stand out of the emblematic norm.

Negură Bunget uphold forthcoming North American Tour

Atmospheric black metal pioneers Negură Bunget, an act from deep Timișoara, Romania initially settled at the end of 1994 under the name Wiccan Rede, as a duo consisting of Gabriel Mafa on drums and Edmond Karban on guitars, vocals, and keyboards, whose sonority embraces musical elements of progressive metal and traditional folk with peculiar nostalgic, by some means lethargic and perhaps strictly sinister melancholy, yet stylistically varied. In the news is that Negură Bunget, Romania’s darkest export have just confirmed their forthcoming North American Tour, which will earn place on this autumn equinox alongside with Icelandic atmospheric black metal sensation Dynfari (Reykjavik-based duo), and Romanian emotional metal troupe Grimegod as supporting acts.

Philip Anselmo presents Housecore Horror Festival III

The third and highly anticipated edition of Housecore Horror Festival seems to be attaining some inescapable expectancy amidst metal aficionados and upholders of controvertible Philip Hansen Anselmo. It is argumentative if the former leader of Pantera, and ongoing Down vocalist, remains undisturbed with the said “love and hate” propeller that both eldest and youthful audiences heave at him in such a relentless manner through social channels. Nevertheless, there is no evidence that suggests the deceleration of this forty seven year old man respecting co-extending activeness.

Nonpoint confirmed for ShipRocked 2016

Nonpoint will take part of the cruise festival known to the world as ShipRocked on its eighth edition. It will be the third time for Florida metallers on the cruise, and the experience that awaits them is remarkable according to fans and bands alike.

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