Marduk’s forthcoming ‘Frontschwein’ invasion

Swedish blasphemous black metal war masters Marduk, are preparing to invade Europe by releasing their forthcoming and thirteenth new studio record entitled ‘Frontschwein’ on January 19th, 2015 through Century Media Records.

Hellfest Open Air Festival keeps storming ahead

European festivals are a maelstrom set to upheaval although there is a slight minority that opted to be hackneyed, which consequently oxygenated an oddity that needs a changeover in the scenery. French, Clisson based Hellfest Open Air Festival remains uncompromised throughout a decade of gyroscopic craves, ingeniously avoiding to be retrogressive.

Watain, Cryptopsy and Suffocation in Colombia

Colombia promises to end this year, 2014, in a very fervors and unforgettable attempt to bring back some credibility to the metal fans, by collecting several International acts in a myriad of flawless events.

Brutal Assault Festival 2015 first confirmed bands

Relationships are made upon mutual respect and longevity, and throughout the years of our existence in the musical field as humble but devoted journalists, we have frequently elevated and in magnificent occasions, reported live events directly from infamous International festivals. Amid the wide range of wicked festivals, Czech Republic Brutal Assault Festival always had a particular place amongst us, not simply due to its notorious success but also its vivid persistence to continuously develop.


Festival Del Diablo presents Carcass in Colombia

Colombia certainly has a major tendency to gift metal fans with randomly selected musical numbers throughout the year, and such satirical attempt to delight them all has failed more often than it should. Still, the collective effort to generate revenue fails due to the duplication of such events, or namely, the bands chosen to perform. On certain occasions, International bands play twice in the same year, if not for a third time in a row. Apparently, promoters are limited in which regards to the bands they are willing present to the general public, and this evidence transpires quickly when we talk about the oversaturated Festival Del Diablo, the more I feel invited to concentrate my attention solely in the headliners, Carcass.

At The Gates to headline The Decibel Magazine Tour

It seems that the future for Gothenburg based, Swedish melodic death metal veterans At The Gates turns out to be naught more but promising and extremely intensive. Lately, the Swedish quintet announced that they are gearing up to embark in the infamous Decibel Magazine fourth touring edition, which gathers besides them as headliners, the supportive blasts from United States hardcore unit Converge and United Kingdom’s old-school death metal supergroup, Vallenfyre, still with an opening special appearance yet to be announced during this December, 2014.

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