Perros De Reserva succeeded in their South American tour

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Martha del Pilar Moreno

In every small scale scene, there are acts that thrive to stand out from the crowd. Some bands try to make it work with an overused musical genre; some others do it through appearance and others choose to take the riskier path by thinking outside of the local scene box. Perros De Reserva opted to take the road of industrial rock and a visual that goes along with the genre. Recently, the band was invited to perform in different arenas in Peru, where the metal scene has similar tendencies to the Colombian.

Perros De Reserva (Reservoir Dogs in English) is a band that started activities in 2013 when the vocalist Elliot decided to explore in a deeper way his industrial influences. As part of their debut, Perros De Reserva released their first video clip ‘Viaje Interior’. The band’s name makes no reference to the Quentin Tarantino film, but to the attitude and general principal to be against every shape of violence towards animal; an ideology that transpires through their music and their activism through Colombia against bullfighting. Besides their animal activism, Perros De Reserva also advocates towards the end of discrimination based on lifestyles, a fact that became evident when they released their second single ‘Morfina Visual’ which portrays in a tasty manner BSDM imagery, which in a religious country like Colombia always raises controversy. It is perhaps this way of thinking that has opened doors in several festivals around Colombia and other countries in South America.


Perros De Reserva - Mal Amor
‘Mal Amor’ is the debut studio album by Perros De Reserva, released in 2015

In 2015, Perros De Reserva released their debut EP titled ‘Mal Amor’. In this first record, the band explores different subjects like lust, love, rejection and animal cruelty. Some of the lyrics are based loosely on a philosophical movement born in Colombia during the sixties called “Nadaism” (Nothing-ism) which in turn is heavily influenced by nihilism and existentialism. This line of thought is present in the band’s latest video clip, ‘Prefiero Pagar’, a song that is a declaration of this generation’s principles that one should not sacrifice self-esteem as justification to feel loved, according to the mastermind Elliot. Despite the fact that Perros De Reserva uses these topics freely, the band has had rotation in mainstream radio stations as well as invitations to perform live. In February, this industrial rock act from Colombia ventured to play live in three important festivals in Lima, Peru: Rock En Conchán, Rock En El Norte in their third edition, and the Dark Fest from Under Pop.


Perros De Reserva en Perú 2016 Official Poster
Perros De Reserva en Perú 2016 Official Poster

[blockquote cite=”Elliot”]The taste of the Peruvian rockers is delicious mostly due to Ceviche. We hope we have turned several vampires in this colonial Lima.[/blockquote]

After such success in Peru and the experiences collected in Colombia, Perros De Reserva has been working on the recording of their debut full-length album entitled ‘Corazón de Cristal’, which is in the recording process and will see the light of day in late 2016. If you got interested in this band, you can check their music and get their first EP through the band’s website.

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