Announcing €10,000 Investment for Office and New Ventures

Catarina Elvira

Catarina Elvira

Bogotá, Colombia, April 15th, 2020 — Atmostfear Entertainment is pleased to announce today that, following months of negotiations with investors, we have raised €10,000 in venture capital funding to entrust on a suitable office located in Palermo, Bogotá, Colombia. The first venture round comes as part of a three-year transformation programme announced two years ago.

The brand-new office is an urban 33.624 square foot area of usable space, with clean black and white walls, high ceilings, pillars and polished wooden floors, fitting to accommodate all its creative staff.

The refurbished office gives the company an innovative place to create, educate and encourage the conception and growth of new projects.

With the setting of a physical facility, the company turns into one of the most respected media groups of its kind by reinforcing its position on the market and opening new career opportunities in the area of applied art, craftsmanship, publishing and technological development.

The physical project entailed creating a leisure area, open plan and modular desk spaces, and a still-undeveloped multimedia studio which already includes a wardrobe, bathroom with shower, large mirrors, make-up room, dressing and archive store.

With plenty of natural light from the east, the building is surrounded by an electric fence, surveillance cameras, motion detector lights, a bulletproof entrance door and secure double locks to shield the property.

Today the company’s online information transferred from a page to a subsite.

Founded on October 1st, 2010, in Portugal by Alex de Borba, who wanted to create a publishing platform that could scale with time, the company has expanded throughout the years while researching interconnected points of interest related to the heavy metal community. This has been done while was striving to capture recognition by undividedly publishing news, interviews, live reports, and reviews related to the musical genre.

In recent years, the company has reported strong leadership in the field while conceiving diversified initiatives and endeavouring to support unknown talents locally and internationally. The company also assures that it exists on a sustainable basis, following the conclusion of a turnaround programme that was put in place following years of intermittent losses.

As the company moves ahead to a bright future, it is wise to summarise that the total monthly page views also increased over the last several years, from 20,000 in March 2010 to approximately 200,000 in March 2020 and that during this period of time, it went from 4,231 to 56,896 registered users, many of which are avid content contributors.

The second venture round is being invested in early-stage divisions focused on cultivating the next generation of media technology. These assets will accelerate the company’s publishing strategy or be adjacent and disruptive to the creative, cultural and educational sectors.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Alex de Borba, said, “In a rapidly changing landscape of cultural and educational publishing, it is an honour to have venture capitalists embracing our multicultural enterprise. This investment is an essential addition to the experience and skill set of our staff, albeit crucial, providing us with a case-in-point, deeper reorientation of production methods toward intangible forms of value-added that we feel incredibly privileged to be part of.”

He also asserted, “We plan to strengthen the infrastructure of our digital platform even further by taking into account that we are in a unique position to be a value-add investment. Furthermore, additional financial rounds will only empower us to progressively unfold new cultural, community-enhancing projects at a swifter pace and a broader scale.”

With the additional funding, there are plans to recruit new employees in addition to the current twenty-four staff, acquire more equipment and construct professional photography and video production, as well as branch out the traditional company activities.

This involves steering toward more charitable fields, transpiring what the company staff describes as exhibiting a “human heart behind the machinery.”

Alpha preview of the company’s non-profit foundation site, aiming to Education, Health and Arts.

The venture capital funders will amply support the development of the company’s core and further adventures in a sector that faces ongoing disruption, securing the financial independence of the company and safeguarding its creative freedoms while remaining autonomous from commercial or political affiliations.

The Head of Managing Investment, Ron Burkle, said: “This €10,000 investment signals a sharp turn for this company. This company successfully handles a very creative edge with a wealth of publishing experience, and at a tumultuous time of global uncertainty it is shocking to witness how they encompass challenges and introduce realistic solutions. We feel very fortunate to partner with such a company and are confident in their capabilities to bring to the table projects that will continuously perplex us.”

Martha Moreno, Chief Operations Officer since 2012, stated: “We have always been a company with a vision of changing both the understanding and accessibility of lesser-known topics by using every conceivable media available. Our planning allowed us to reach a broader audience of those who have unveiled knowledge in different fields. All in all, we designed the ideal environment for stores of in-depth information regarding ranging topics of interest. With this investment, our cultural beacon of knowledge will ultimately develop toward other exciting scenarios.”

Recently appointed to the role of Executive Assistant in late 2019, Sebastián Salazar said: “Without the slightest hesitation, I am utterly convinced of the foundations that have been built by the company in its ten years; the injection of resources becomes a strategic ally in the conquest of the Latin American market, particularly that of Colombia.

The mixture of innovation, creativity and work has managed to position the medium as one of the most important in the country’s capital.

However, the evolution in economic terms and the evolution in the quality of the material developed are directly proportional; it progresses in parallel and simultaneously with a committed staff who are eager for applied knowledge, who seek to meet the company’s objectives and who manage to mitigate the social impact in a society like Colombia.

Without a doubt, the consolidation of the company through its new office will provide the staff with better working conditions and productivity, according to the company’s investors and the community in general terms.”

A hybrid of published content has driven the company’s success on the digital platform, besides unusual project initiatives and e-commerce merchant activities as Chief Marketing Officer, André Monteiro said: “To be committed to a company that is showing multicultural strength and progressively evolving at a rapid pace, it is something quite extraordinary.

The ability to swiftly adapt, mutate and yet keep the essence that defines it has always been one of the top priorities, be it how it approaches publishing, e-commerce, or strategic marketing, there is an essence of its own.

With the injection of new funds, the possibilities are endless for a company that already knows no boundaries. We are all looking forward to changing our skin and embracing a bright, innovative tomorrow.”

Alpha preview of the Classroom, which will provide free of charge in-person and online classes to students.

Indeed, achieving the results intended in absolute commitment has been part of the ingenuity of everyone deeply involved with the company, besides promising to expand toward an open-source WordPress ecosystem by projecting a steady stream of community-driven resources, such as a media-oriented lightweight theme, Gutenberg and Elementor blocks, and entirely free of charge technological classes – “Project Classroom” – the latest proudly sponsored by Ran Math SEO and OceanWP.

The development department of the company will soon have a space of its own, digitally speaking, distributed into two departments: Studio and Labs.

The developing and digital design staff will be operating under the Studio department, providing online services such as website consulting, business planning and web design besides construction, deployment and maintenance services, alongside the development and release of WordPress free resources and freemium products.

Alpha preview of the online presence of Studio, a department directed to products and services.

Labs, on the other hand, will be released to minimise the friction between services and education, while encouraging the developer culture to contribute to the company’s codebase. It will also discipline WordPress enthusiasts while covering some of the work on the technological side of the company, a closer viewpoint on how to develop networks and other related areas of interest, besides also covering the platforms and services the company uses.

Alpha preview of the company’s Labs, a developer’s community project-oriented.

Mafalda Gomes, the company legal consultant, said, “The company is preparing an anti-bribery and anti-corruption code of conduct which will apply to all staff and the third parties that perform services on behalf of the company. Apart from this, and due to recent events, the legal department is reforming all of the company’s constitutional documents that will be centralised in one single hub, making it more accessible and researchable, while reflecting and protecting both the company’s and investors’ interests. Registering copyrights for our creative works such as multimedia, products, and services will also assist in protecting the value of our work and the company’s assets.”

The company’s legal documentation is going through a significant revamp, soon available.

To sum, the company asserts that it is very thankful for the support of its users, retailers, publicists and investors who believe in the value of high-quality, independent cultural media endeavouring to make a difference.

About Funding

Atmostfear Entertainment’s investment funding is designed to guarantee the long-term future of the company’s activities. The plan commits the company to develop a closer relationship with its community and reinforce its position in today’s market by remaining competitive.

The funding is supported by nonpartisan investors — a diversified group of capital investors establishing long-term relationships governed by a few specialist fund managers.

About Atmostfear Entertainment

For over a decade, Atmostfear Entertainment has been a showcase for the greatest and brightest photographers, musicians, authors, artists and illustrators from a diverse range of counter-cultural spectrums from around the globe.

Atmostfear Entertainment’s digital platform serves as an invaluable resource for alternative cultural scholars, readers, publishers and researchers. It asserts that the variety of its educational, historical, artistic, and theoretical materials constitutes the most fertile conceptual framework to connect academics with subcultural lifestyles as a social phenomenon, with an eye to their overhaul, yet not favouring any tendency, tradition or variant.

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