4 Extraños en D.C. will make you party hard

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Martha del Pilar Moreno

There are concerts, there are gigs, and there are parties; all three scenarios that look for people to have fun on a different scale. Some may prefer the size of big arena concerts where the masses excitement is substantial and can be somewhat cathartic. Gigs in bars are more intimate with a roof over your head; that is always pleasant. And then there are parties where your taste in music can be a challenge to a great extent. Last year, the people behind Colombian cartoonish concept 4 Extraños en D.C., give it a go with open air concerts were metal and punk mingle quite well. This year they are trying something different and the form of a party.

In case you are not familiar with the concept behind 4 Extraños en D.C. (four strangers in D.C.) it makes reference to the lives of four guys that at first are strange to one another. These four boys represent an exaggerated stereotype of four different regions of Colombia and all the mess they get into just for the interaction between the characters. Within the episodes that have aired thus far, there are a couple of metal oriented ones, mostly because one of the characters is a metalhead that longs to go to concerts and festivals. And it is this connection that gave the creator of the cartoon series “El Viejo James” the idea to create other scenarios in which the fans of 4EEDC (acronym in Spanish) can interact with each other and mostly have fun. That is what created the 4EEDC festival last year, with the performance of Battlecross, Valiant Thor, Cardiel, Aire Como Plomo, Patazera among others. Besides creating a scenario for a metalhead, that festival, in particular, had a cause behind it, and it was to help cancer victims to cope with treatments with the donation of hair for wigs. Although the festival had relative success, there were some issues regarding assistance due to the poor weather of the mountains.

Official Poster
4 Extraños en D.C. – La Fiesta Official Poster

This year instead of a full festival, 4EEDC decided to make it a party. The concept of parties in Colombia, at least, is very DJ oriented, meaning that the mixture of musical genres is warranted. Despite that fact, the 4EEDC party will have two major acts performing that night: Compadres Recerdos a band that blends tropical influences with grindcore, and Flying Bananas that has even more genres mixed with Funk, Hip Hop, and Rock. Both groups are oriented towards irreverence and not taking themselves too seriously, which sometimes is relaxing on a rather serious daily life. Besides these two groups, the warm-up will be in the hands of DJ Maiky and Colombian grindcore band Cuentos De Los Hermanos Grind as DJ instead of performers. Both DJ will bring the melting of genres that one may expect in these tropical lands, and it is likely that they will generate controversy among hardcore metalheads and some laughs along the way.

And what is a party without gifts, for those to attend this event there is a skydiving price from Aeroclub Bogotá Skydive that will be raffled among party goers, besides a tattoo from Broken Skull G. The 4 Extraños The Party will be held in the Auditorio Lumiere this March 19th. You can find the tickets for this hell of a party at the theater, Revolution Store, Broken Skull, 4Cuartos, and Cachalote. So, if you are ready to have a great time putting into a test what you are capable of handling musically, go and buy your ticket for $6.00 EUR.

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