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Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Relationships are made upon mutual respect and longevity, and throughout the years of our existence in the musical field as humble but devoted journalists, we have frequently elevated and in magnificent occasions, reported live events directly from infamous International festivals. Amid the wide range of wicked festivals, Czech Republic Brutal Assault Festival always had a particular place amongst us, not simply due to its notorious success but also its vivid persistence to continuously develop.

2015 edition of Brutal Assault Festival already sparkles few but interesting achievements, as they reported to us today, by announcing the inclusion of infamous Swedish old-school melodic death metal reviews, At The Gates, or Canadian thrashing veterans Annihilator.

Speaking about the Swedish melodic death metal battalion At The Gates, that have made an outstanding return with their news studio record after 19 years of hiatus, ‘A War With Reality’, they were cover stars of the November issue of Decibel Magazine, which also features Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, and L7.

Next year edition also commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Brutal Assault Festival, an edition that is typeset to be held from August 5th to August 8th, 2015. Among newly confirmed bands besides the aforementioned above, are Californian death metal grinders Cattle Decapitation, a band that recently debuted a new song at Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Horror Film Festival this past October 24th, 2014. The new song was taken from the band’s upcoming studio record to be released by Metal Blade Records.

Also announced is the participation of German death metallers Defeated Sanity, and United States Death DTA which features former members of the legendary Death, an homage band that celebrates the spirit and unforgettable music of mastermind Chuck Schuldiner.

Even thus Norwegian Enslaved is labelled under the black metal strip, I might disagree with the press released and relabel them as a Viking metal with a stronghold for Pagan mythology. Enslaved recently entered the studio to record their new installment, the thirteenth album, as reported by them:

[blockquote cite=”Ivar Bjørnson”]My favorite time of year is whenever we enter the studio with Enslaved to record a new album. Now the season of creative madness, endless days, and bleeding fingertips is upon us again… O joy! As before, it is the unholy trinity that forms the first line of attack: I (guitar), Grutle (bass & vocals), and Cato (drums), are recording the foundations of the album live, while Ice Dale (lead guitar) and Herbrand (vocals & keys) will add their instruments and voice in their own studios after these initial core sessions. Then I will add some wackiness at my home studio, before we all get together again to finish it.

I feel that I have delivered basic material that is rock solid. I have poured my very life and heart into these compositions while the rest of the band have refined it, shaped it, and delivered it like their very lives depended on it. It has been challenging to keep up the pace with the way the songs wanted to go; life flows its ways and takes its turns regardless of your artistic ambitions. However, the music led the way through the fog and I just followed, and never doubting the oncoming album for a second.[/blockquote]

The production of yet to be entitled new offering is taking place at Duper Studios and Solslottet Studios in Bergen, Norway, with additional recordings being made out at Conclave & Earshot Studios. The new album will presumably be out next year on Nuclear Blast Records.

United States thrashers Toxic Holocaust have also confirmed been confirmed, alongside with Thomas Gabriel Fischer iconic Triptykon.

Other names involved in the 20th volume of Brutal Assault Festival are United States atmospheric Agalloch, French death metal duo Be’lakor and Benighted, darkly splendid British masters of gothic horrifying black metal, Cradle Of Filth, and Greek congregation Dead Congregation.

Polish death metallers Decapitated will be also present in the next year edition, a band that recently was involved in a serious van accident (on October 24th, 2014, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States) which miraculously, none of the members got seriously injured and reports stated that they were getting along just fine, despite the hell of spooky experience they got thru. Decapitated seems to be under a fair share of tragedy, as this year incident wasn’t the first for them. Back in 2007 the band was also implied in a bus tour accident, which unfortunately injured vocalist Adrian Kowanek to the point of inducing him into coma – who has yet to reach a full recovery – and regretfully, killed drum player Witold Kiektyka.

Although Decapitated may be somewhat shaken up with late events, their new video for the single ‘Instinct’, which is taken from their sixth studio album, ‘Blood Mantra’, has caused grand reactions through both the specialized media and their horde of devotees. The album was released by Mystic Productions in Poland and by the massive worldwide extended wreck crew at Nuclear Blast Records on September 26th, 2014.

In continuation; German grinders Excrementory Grindfuckers and Canadian hyper blasting death metal represents, Kataklysm, will be sacking up the stage with German thrashing rebels, Kreator.

Kreator, the German giants of thrash metal titans announced also that they are now partners with Jackson Guitars for the band’s upcoming headlining a tour through Europe and North America, a tour which commenced in October 19th, 2014, seen them accompanied with Swedish death metallers Arch Enemy until December, 2014, when they’ll switch gears with countrymen Sodom and Polish death metal behemoths Vader to extend the touring circuit until it stops on December 22nd, 2014.

Yet, still overwhelmingly occupied with the composition on their new album, presently set to be a 2015 release, Brazilian death metallers Krisiun will be also partaking in this event. Regarding the new album, it is affirmed that the band already has tracks laid down:

[blockquote cite=”Moyses Kolesne”]We already have 8 new songs for the new album. We are still writing some more songs, and I can say we are very satisfied with the results.

It’s going to be recorded around February/March 2015, with a possible release in the summer of 2015.[/blockquote]

Also undergoing a fresh record, Krisiun also released a new video for the single ‘Blood Of Lions’, taken from their latest studio album ‘The Great Execution’. Their album has been put out on October 28th, 2014, by Century Media Records.

[blockquote cite=”Moyses Kolesne”]We made this video clip in celebration of 4 years of relentlessly touring around the globe in support of the album ‘The Great Execution’. This video features live footage shots from most of the festivals and clubs we played on this tour so far, just for you to feel the live energy of the band, from big festivals to small clubs. No fake fantasy or bullshit, just the sheer power we deliver in our live shows. During the past four years we played in various countries around the world and we’ll be wrapping up this world tour now by hitting places we haven’t played before yet on this cycle, this time going to Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai/Emirates.[/blockquote]

New York thrashers Nuclear Assault, blackened thrash Norwegian band Sarke, legendary metallers Sepultura and British black metal act Winterfylleth are the remaining names in a lineup that doesn’t cease to amaze and seems to be rather bright.

Brutal Assault Festival tickets are instantly available for either purchase and reservations online. Tickets are priced at $ 69,00 (roughly $ 180,000 COP) if purchased with credit card, which is the favored method of payment accepted, or $ 73,00 (roughly $190,000 COP) with additional charges included, if purchased via PayPal.

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