Damned Soul Fest IV: Blood Red Throne Headlines Epic Heavy Metal Event

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

The Damned Soul Fest IV is coming to Luxembourg, Belgium, for two nights of heavy metal and hard rock music packed with energy and excitement. From January 6th to 7th, some of the biggest names in the metal and rock scene will be gracing the stage and providing a soundtrack to an unforgettable weekend.

Headlining the event is Blood Red Throne, an extreme metal band from Norway that has been making waves in the metal community since 2003. Joining them on the lineup are Ghost Of Atlantis, Cobra The Impaler, Saille, Hippotraktor, Azarath, Eagles Road, Chapter Of Chaos, Obselete Humanity, Helslave, Coffin Feeder, Bodyfarm, Hideous Divinity, Hate, Psychonaut, and Pothamus.

The Damned Soul Fest IV is the continuation of a long-standing tradition of heavy metal and hard rock festivals in Luxembourg and Belgium. The first edition of the festival was held in 2011 in Brussels and has since grown to become an event that metalheads from all over the world look forward to. It has become a staple in the metal community and has seen some of the most talented bands from all over the world perform on its stages. This year’s lineup is no exception and is sure to be a memorable experience for all who attend.

Headliners Blood Red Throne is a Norwegian death metal band that has been around since 2003. Formed by former Emperor drummer Trym Torson and guitarist/vocalist Tchort, the band has gone on to become one of the most respected names in extreme metal. Death metal riffs, intense drumming, and guttural vocals characterize their sound.

Blood Red Throne has released nine full-length albums, beginning with 2009’s ‘Souls of Damnation.’ Their latest album, ‘Imperial Congregation,’ was released in 2021.

Their live shows have been praised for their intense energy and passionate delivery as Blood Red Throne has earned a reputation as one of the best death metal bands in the world, and their live performances are highly sought after.

As for the other bands included in this festival, Ghost of Atlantis is an occult-rock-act that was formed in 2006 in the small town of Linköping, Sweden. The band is a one-piece act with hired musicians, led by frontman Tobias Forge, formerly the frontman of the Swedish death metal band Repugnant and the lead singer of Subvision and bassist of Magna Carta Cartel.

Ghost of Atlantis is most known for their occult black-metal theatrics and their captivating stage performances. The band has released four albums, ‘Opus Eponymous’ in 2010, ‘Infestissumam’ in 2012, ‘Meliora’ in 2015, and ‘Prequelle’ in 2018. The band has also released various singles and EPs.

The live shows of Ghost of Atlantis are renowned for their theatricality, with Tobias taking on various characters, the Nameless Ghouls dressed in identical masks and garments, and large-scale stage effects.

Cobra The Impaler was founded by Tace DC, a guitarist from the Belgian death metal band Aborted. The band draws inspiration from the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, combining strong grooves and guitar leads with clean vocal harmonies and screams.

They have had help from Dirk Verbeuren, formerly of Megadeth and Soilwork, on their debut album ‘Colossal Gods’. The album was released on February 25th, 2022 on Listenable Records. The first single from the album is ‘Blood Eye,’ and the band’s live shows are known to be intense and full of energy.

Saille is a Belgian black metal band formed in 2009. The band began as a one-person, one-time project by Dries Gaerdelen (keyboards) and eventually grew into a full band in 2010. They have released five studio albums, starting with ‘Irreversible Decay’ in 2011, followed by ‘Ritu’ in 2013, ‘Eldritch’ in 2014, ‘Gnosis’ in 2017, and ‘V’ in 2021.

Saille has also played live shows around the world, including at Graspop Metal Meeting in 2012, Eindhoven Metal Meeting in 2012 and 2015, Metal Méan in 2013, Antwerp Metal Fest in 2015, Ragnarök Festival in 2016, Summer Breeze Open Air in 2016, Dark Easter Metal Meeting in 2016, and Incineration Fest in 2016.

The band has supported acts such as Napalm Death, Exhumed, Belphegor, Rotting Christ, Marduk, Dying Fetus, Moonspell, Septicflesh, Eye of Solitude, Impaled Nazarene, Nargaroth, Dødheimsgard, Thulcandra, and Cradle of Filth.

Damned Soul Fest IV is the first metal event of the year, headlined by Norwegians Blood Red Throne, which promises an unforgettable weekend at La Laiterie de Durbuy in Tohogne

Hippotraktor is a progressive metal band based in Mechelen, Belgium. The collective binds musicians from bands such as Psychonaut, Before He Shot Her, and L’Itch.

On October 15th, 2021, their debut album ‘Meridian’ was released worldwide on Pelagic Records. The album combines the best of prog, groove and post-metal, featuring soaring hooks, technical riffing and earth-shattering breakdowns. With their live shows, Hippotraktor captures the awe-inspiring power of nature, from the delicacy of the first falling leaf to the massive cosmic energy of the sun.

The band has also released singles such as ‘Sorcerer’s Fate,’ which is off their upcoming album ’20 Centuries Gone.’

Azarath was formed in 1998 by Inferno, Bruno, and D. They released their first demos, ‘Traitors’ and ‘Destroy Yourself,’ and their debut album, ‘Demon Seed,’ recorded at Hertz Studio.

‘Demon Seed’ garnered them much praise and an invitation from Polish death metal band Vader to be a supporting act for Vader’s Revelations Tour in 2002.

After the recording session for the second album, titled ‘Infernal Blasting,’ D. left the band, and they eventually found a second guitarist, Trufel, from the band Yattering.

Azarath released their third album, ‘Diabolic Impious Evil,’ in 2006, and then their fourth album, ‘Praise the Beast,’ in 2009. Between January and February 2011, they recorded their fifth album, ‘Blasphemers’ Maledictions,’ also at Hertz Studio, and it was released in June 2011.

To support this record, the band has played several festivals, including the Inferno Metal Festival, the Devilstone Fest, the PartySan Fest, and the European Hatefest Tour.

Azarath has undergone numerous line-up changes, and at present consists of Zbigniew “Inferno” Promiński on drums, Bartłomiej “Bart” Szudek on guitars, Piotr “P.” Ostrowski on bass, and Marcin “Skullripper” Sienkiel on vocals and guitars. Additionally, the band has released two EPs, ‘Holy Possession’ and ‘Rebel Angels,’ as well as aforementioned two demos, ‘Traitors’ and ‘Destroy Yourself,’ and a split album with Stillborn, ‘Death Monsters.’

Eagles Road is a power metal band from Sweden that formed in 2000. They are known for their melodic and epic sound, and their live performances are energetic and captivating. They have released four studio albums, one EP and one live album, and have played some of the biggest metal festivals in Europe.

Chapter of Chaos is an American progressive metal band that was formed in 1985 by John Petrucci, John Myung and Mike Portnoy. Since then, the band has released several albums and singles, and has become known for their intense live performances.

The band’s music is characterized by its intricate, technical playing and its heavy, distorted sound. They have toured extensively throughout the North America and Europe, playing to sold out crowds. They are also known for their theatrical stage show, which often includes extended instrumental jams, pyrotechnics, and other special effects.

Obsolete Humanity is a Belgian death metal band created in December 2018 in Liège. The band was born from the efforts of four musicians, Tom, Bernard, Cesar, and Simon. Another “band member” quickly joins the project, Lucas, who works on sound and many technical aspects.

For the band, Humanity is obsolete, and the value of mankind is the least consideration of the system. What guides the path of mankind is neither faith, science, nor a shared ideology — only inertia.

The band created a mix of death and groove metal to develop this universe. Mixing the brutality and the speed to create a massive punchy sound.

Helslave is a death metal band from Rome, Italy that was formed in 2009 by guitarist Jari and vocalist Daniele. The band has been active ever since, performing at events such as the MetalDays Festival in Slovenia and releasing their debut EP, ‘Ethereal Decay,’ in 2013. In 2015, they signed with Revalve Records and released their first full-length album, ‘An Endless Path.’

The lineup currently consists of Daniele on vocals, Jari on guitar, Lorenzo on guitar, and Francesco on drums. Helslave’s sound is heavily influenced by the 90’s Swedish death and melodeath scene, but with a modern and personal touch.

They have also released multiple singles and EPs, such as ‘From The Sulphur Depths’ and ‘In Absence,’ and their live shows are energetic and engaging, featuring their style of heavy metal music.

Coffin Feeder is an 80s-90s action movie-obsessed death metal band featuring Aborted vocalist Sven de Caluwé, alongside members of grindcore, Leng Tch’e, and Fleddy Melculy. Their high-energy blend of groove-laden death metal has been praised in the metal community, and the band has released an EP ‘Over the Top’ as well as a single ‘A Good Supply of Body Bags.’

Coffin Feeder is known for their intense, passionate live performances, and their music has been featured on international heavy metal webzines and publications.

The band has been active since 1992, and has gained a following around the globe. Lead singer Sven de Caluwé is also a member of the Totem band and the death metal Sceptic band.

Hideous Divinity is an Italian technical death metal band formed in 2007 by current and former members of Aborted and Hour of Penance. Their sound is well-balanced, combining melodic and technical elements of death metal.

They have released four albums to date, most recently ‘Simulacrum’ via Century Media Records in 2020, as well as a conceptual EP in 2021.

They have an intense live show, often toeing the line between brutal and technical death metal, while also showcasing their songwriting abilities. Their live shows are often marked by a fierce energy and passion, and they have been on multiple tours across Europe and North America in support of their releases.

Hate is a blackened death metal band from Poland formed in 1990 by guitarist Scott. They have released twelve full-length studio albums to date.

Hate’s live shows are known to be volatile, with the band’s tumultuous environment. This has fueled their creative output, leading to their critically acclaimed debut album, which sent shockwaves through the music industry.

Psychonaut is a psychedelic post-metal collective from Mechelen, Belgium that was founded in 2013 by cousins Jeffery Carino and Janssen “Fish” Gonzalez. The band’s signature sound is heavily influenced by 70’s bands such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

Their debut album, ‘Unfold The God Man,’ was released in March of 2020 and was immediately met with critical acclaim. Since then, they have released two more albums and a number of singles.

They have also gone on several tours and performed at festivals around the world. Their live shows are powerful, intense, and mesmerizing, as they create a sonic journey that takes listeners on a psychedelic trip.

Pothamus was conceived in 2013 in Mechelen, Belgium. The band has a unique mix of sludge, tribal, and post-rock elements in their music. They released their debut album ‘Raya’ in 2017. The album is a 50-minute concept album about a band searching for their own identity. They have also released a limited edition 12” Colored Vinyl, Gatefold artwork, plus an insert of the album.

The band is known for their energetic and dynamic live performances. They often incorporate tribal and post-rock elements into their live performances and have been known to have a few special guests join them on stage.

Whether you have attended Damned Soul Fest in the past or are considering attending this year, we invite you to share your experiences with the event. From the music to the people, the atmosphere is always lively and unique.

We look forward to hearing stories of joy and camaraderie and the memories that will be created and preserved, and of course, we hope to see you at Damned Soul Fest IV.

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