Punk is taking its rightful place at Rock & Shout Festival debut

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Rock and punk has gone side by side since the latter’s inception back in the seventies. Punk music has mutated, morphed and yet it remains with the same energy, regardless of the country of origin. To my knowledge, there are very few festivals that incorporate more than two bands in their lineup, especially when metal mega festivals are frequent and so visible nowadays. For some, punk bands still have a place in the hearts of its fans. So, it comes as a surprise that Colombia, a country that has recently embraced their extreme music culture will host a festival with a striking punk influence. This is the Rock & Shout Festival which will take place 9th September.

This year in particular, Colombia has seen different acts at paid events, where thematic festivals have become stronger over the past couple of years. There are festivals for alternative music, rock, thrash metal, reggae, and extreme metal with each of them receiving their fair share of attention and support by fans. This year sees the birth of a rock and punk oriented festival, Rock & Shout Festival, which features bands with high relevance in punk-rock history: The Offspring, Dead Kennedys, La Pestilencia, Anti-flag, and Triple X.

The Offspring is a band that does not need much introduction. Formed in 1984, The Offspring reached mainstream attention during the nineties. The band gained recognition with songs like ‘Come Out And Play’ and ‘Self Esteem’. Despite their mainstream success, The Offspring has remained faithful to their origins regarding lyrics and sarcastic approach to different life issues which includes politics and the current state of decay of United States culture. Colombia hosted the band in 2004 with a great response from fans. Now, after 12 years Colombians and fans from neighbouring countries will have the chance to check The Offspring on stage again.

The second musical act that will take the stage has also been in Colombia before under different circumstances. Yes, Dead Kennedys are also coming back to play in Bogotá. A band formed in the late seventies with strong political and social points of view, Dead Kennedys is one of the first musical groups that had a breakthrough in the UK hardcore scene. Known for their satirical harshness and left-wing political approach, this band created an “in your face” experience for those that attend to their contest. The first time the band played in Colombia was in Festival Rock Al Parque in 2011 where they participated in a massive festival. Now, it will be the chance for those real fans to have a more intimate experience.

The third band that is part of this Rock & Shout debut is Colombian punk legends La Pestilencia. Originated in Bogotá in 1986, this hardcore punk band expressed the young Colombian’s malcontent with social issues through their lyrics and their music. For 30 years La Pestilencia has been a beacon for all Colombian punks as they have maintained their essence to criticise important social and political issues in our society, alongside introspective views. From ‘La Muerte, un compromiso de todos’ to ‘Productos desaparecidos’, La Pestilencia has rocked hard and nonstop. This year, they will celebrate their 30th anniversary at Rock & Shout Festival with the announcement of their latest full-length album and the debut of their single ‘El Muro Hay que Romperlo’.

Anti-Flag is the fourth band that will play at Rock & Shout this year. Formed in the United States in 1988, Anti-Flag is one of those bands that have strong political views regarding war and imperialism by involving in political activism. From their first album ‘Die For the Government’, Anti-Flag has been consistent with their disdain towards the capitalist system, war-based economy, classism, and any discrimination towards any human being. At the Rock & Shout festival, this act will make their Colombian debut, giving fans of the band a rare opportunity to see them live.

Finally, Triple X will be the local band to perform at the Rock & Shout. Formed in Bogotá, this band blends punk music with some aspects of rockabilly. Unlike the other acts in the festival, Triple X have a more relaxed approach to life and music without criticising social issues that emerge in our everyday lives; making their performance a good way to start a night full of rock and punk for all involved.

Rock & shout festival brings a “raised fist” experience, where old school punk aficionados will have the chance to enjoy a festival specifically target to them. So prepare your transgressor attitude, bring some good humour and prepare yourself to jump, to mosh and to have a hell of a time. The festival will take place at Centro de Conciertos Autopista Norte, in Bogotá this upcoming 9th September. Tickets are already available at Tuboleta $312,000 Colombian Pesos (95 US Dollars).

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