Decapitated to endure Polish tour in November

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Polish diehard fans of leading scene outcasts Decapitated can now rest with ease as the band just announced a series of concerts to take place during their Blood Mantra Tour 2014.

The tour convenes the promotion of their latest studio record ‘Blood Mantra’, which is set to be unleashed on September 22th by Mystic Productions in Poland and by the massively worldwide extended wreck crew at Nuclear Blast Records on September 26th. To reckon is that this is the very first promotional tour that Decapitated will engage in the last four years, as headliners nonetheless, presenting us with freshly devastating and exclusively preview songs from their upcoming new album.

In the course of their tour, Decapitated will be supported by three other acts, namely Thy Disease, an industrial death metal band from Kraków, that is currently promoting their sixth album, ‘Slave State’, which had been released earlier this year.

Followed by progressive metal act Materia – the grand finalists’ of Must Be The Music (a British television musical talent competition contested by aspiring singers and musicians drawn from public auditions) – that actively participate in numerous concerts around the country.

And last, The Sixpounder, a well deserved and professional mix of rock’n’roll and clean vocals oriented metal act that played at this year’s Woodstock Festival.

Decapitated prepared a special live set composed of the biggest hits, enhanced by songs from the latest release. Moreover, the unique concert visuals are being prepared, along with special merchandise, t-shirts with new models based on graphics designed by Łukasz Jaszak.

The band will announce detailed dates and cities that they are planning to visit. Because of the great number of Decapitated gigs overseas, first part of the tour will be held in November, while the residue of the gig in the cities not visited this fall is projected for the first half of 2015.

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