Ensiferum and Korpiklaani to tour North America

Ensiferum and Korpiklaani to tour North America

Folk metal has a sense of earthiness that no other metal gender can imitate. From theatricality on stage to the usage of more traditional instruments from the Northern hemisphere, it creates the melancholy of old and simpler times that current society simply does not get. Finland seems to be for folk metal, what Norway is to black metal and Sweden to death metal, with two of the most well known in the folk metal scene: Korpiklaani and Ensiferum. And those two are taking the road, or better put, sailing sails towards North America to give a sense of ancient, braveness into war and wisdom that comes from a culture firmly tight with Earth.

Korpiklaani arrives on North American shores mostly to promote their upcoming album ‘Noita’, which will be released on May 5th through Nuclear Blast Records, who recently decided to re-signed their record deal with the Finnish sextet. ‘Noita’ was recorded at Petraxt Studios, following the true path of this metal gender that aims seeks to pay tribute to old traditions. With this album, Korpiklaani wants to clean the name of ‘Noita’ by taking it to the original concept of a medicine man in native tribes worldwide that were vilified by Christianity back in their conquering days.

In the case of Ensiferum, it is also releasing a new album called ‘One Man Army’ that will be released a bit sooner than fellow Finnish folk metallers on February 24th via Metal Blade Records. ‘One Man Army’ comes swift like a Viking axe in a way, with a more consolidated forging to heavy metal than its predecessor ‘Unsung Heroes’. And if you want to prepare yourself for what you may experience on their tour, you will be able to do so through Spotify. The streaming is a way to treat fans one song at the time and to prepare them for what is to come from the band. Regarding what fans of Ensiferum can expect from the new album, the recording process was as analogue is it can be, ensuring a more natural sound that goes well the main subject of the record.

This folk metal invasion to North America will start May 6th (a day after Korpiklaani release). The tour will last for the entire month and will cover 21 cities in the United States and Canada as you can check the dates below. Ensiferum and Korpiklaani will be supported by Trollfest with its 10th anniversary album, ‘A decade of Drekkadence’, a compilation of the band’s trajectory that includes some material recorded for this special occasion. May the folk come to your way on May.


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