Announcing Careers Launch; Resistance Against the COVID-19 Pandemic

Catarina Elvira

Catarina Elvira

Bogotá, Colombia, May 15th, 2020 — Atmostfear Entertainment is pleased to announce today the launch of Careers, a long-term commitment to staff recruitment, a new subsite listing career opportunities across all divisions of the company which launches in beta.

Careers emerge as a direct result of the economic crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic, launched to support those without alternative income sources but willing to work and learn by allowing prospective candidates to gain access to the companies’ quality environment and apply for targeted and manageable job positions backed by more robust employment policies and requirements, as well as better-resourced and comprehensive social protection systems.

Careers was launched on May 15th, 2020, offering six new job positions.

Careers aim to bring together candidates in different areas from design, marketing, sales, and content copywriting from across the world altogether, giving extreme importance to local Colombian talent as a prime priority while fighting the evident decline in working positions due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this means that thousands of Colombian workers stand in immediate threat of having their livelihoods ruined.

“As the pandemic and the jobs crisis evolve, the need to guard the most vulnerable becomes even more crucial, and with the launch of Careers, our company offers a direct counter-response as a statement to other local companies that, unfortunately, due to their inability to redirect their staff to remote positions while ensuring the safeguarding of their job positions — this not to mention funds mismanagement — systematically opted by shamelessly mass fire workers instead of providing proper working conditions and solutions.” said Alex de Borba, the Chief Executive Officer.

He also added: “For more than two months, we discussed the impact of the pandemic on Colombia internally, highlighted challenges that have emerged for education and training and worked on proper solutions for tackling them. While we are aware that hundreds of local businesses are barely breathing, we also understand that if we do not encourage now a change in the industry, those enterprises will perish.”

The company approach to the global pandemic has been of strong resistance and reliance, redirecting all physical positions to smooth remote operations while keeping all of its twenty-six employees working full-time without interruptions, in the meantime, also educating and providing proper solutions to help them fight economic instability.

As Alex de Borba asserted: “Our company may be considered by many, a small-medium organisation struggling to survive while in truth, nothing could be far from the truth. It never crossed our minds to dismiss any of the company’s employees as I abruptly discarded the approach from the very beginning. I am fully conscious that we are, indeed, living difficult times, and it would be an irresponsible thing to do; instead, a time of readjustment was required while transiting from physical to remote operations, but above all, the company always transpired a sense of anthropic confronts that I wish to preserve as part of what it makes it stand out from the norm.”

Martha Moreno, Chief Operations officer said: “The opportunity to create job possibilities in times of uncertainty is not only a proper way to give back to the community, but also to give a new breath to areas often overlooked. Our company not only talks the talk but walks the walk. As a company that wants to make its own way in multiple fields, these jobs opportunities are a great way to work with talented people.”

Executive Assistant, Sebastián Salazar said: “While the country faces an unprecedented world situation, a drastic decline in the economy affects the millions of people as a result of COVID-19. Careers shine a light of hope to recompose the disorder caused. The company continues to attest that amid adversity it is possible to resurface as a phoenix revives from the ashes.”

He continues: “It is incredible the commitment not only to the development of the company but to transform from its means the living conditions of people. The development of new jobs is undoubtedly proof of the relentless work of an entire team that has a conviction to change the society in which we live.”

Opening new job opportunities have become one of the company first fronts of resistance, the opposition in a country that is experiencing economic instability, and many people have been affected with compulsory underemployment. A company that is continuously striving new solutions in order to encourage others to follow.

On other fronts, the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered an abrupt transition to distance education, training and e-learning. The crisis has emerged in massive shifts to online platforms and tools for the continued delivery of learning and skills development, which have shown both promising trends and troubling signs.

Among those signs, the evidence that, while much is done in digital learning, addressing access more equitable, initiation to online platforms does not always result in equal quality learning.

Project Classroom promisses to offer free, professional, and certified formation for artisans.

In the future, the company believes that skillsets that can quickly be acquired and strengthened via distance learning during this pandemic could change the landscape of work for the coming generation as it prepares to launch educational programs aiming to assist artisans in building, sustaining, promoting, and maintaining their businesses online at a commercial level in all fronts, program which will be entirely free to adhere and participate.

In the near-term, the company hopes that Careers can help to get professionals back into employment quickly as part of their staff. In the long-term, hiring remote workers could become more commonplace.

One thing seems clear: Giving informal education a more privileged spot in the lifelong learning concept to ensure better validation of skills will be critically important when emerging from this crisis.

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