Inferno Metal Festival confirms Kampfar

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Norwegian blackened folk oriented Kampfar are to return to Inferno Metal Festival in 2015, a year which will mark the 15th anniversary of the festival. For those still unaware of the grandeur of Inferno Metal Festival; it is the longest, biggest and most extreme metal festival running in Norway, and one of the most recognizable currently active within European shores.

Kampfar was assembled in 1994 by vocalist Per Joar Spydevold (Aka: Dolk) after the dismissal of his previous black metal project, Mock. Although black metal reemerged instinctively in Kampfar’s sonority, it is undeniable that it remained discreetly concealed underneath tempestuous folk-inspired melodies and Norse mythological lyricism. The highly acclaimed ‘Djevelmakt’ is Kampfar’s sixth studio record that was released on January 27th in Europe and in North America via Indie Recordings.

Inferno Metal Festival recently announced that United States, Louisiana-based blackened death metallers Goatwhore will also be partaking in the event for their 15th anniversary edition. Both acts will be accompanied by;

Norwegian black metal tyrants 1349, which have also been recently confirmed to play at Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2015. With latest studio record ‘Massive Cauldron Of Chaos’ recently hitting the racks, the band have also found time to collaborate with Minnesota’s Surly Brewing Company and launch their own ‘1349 Black Ale’.

United States, Ohio thrash overlords Skeletonwitch have been busy during this year by pressing the bulk of their entire back catalogue onto limited edition picture discs. They recently wrapped up a North American tour with Swedish Viking melo-metallers Amon Amarth. Skeletonwitch played instrumental sets during the majority of their US tour with Sabaton and Amon Amarth, as their vocalist Chance Garnett was out for personal reasons (undisclosed by the band). Their continuing the tour and delivering their signature face-melting black thrash live performance without their frontman is a statement to the band’s unending determination and dedication.

Theatrical symphonic orchestrations will be represented by Norwegian Arcturus, act which in mid-year released the ‘Shipwrecked in Oslo’ as an ultra-limited edition double LP, on June 3rd to be more precise, through Blood Music.

Polish blackened death metal extreme Behemoth are also one of the acts confirmed. Behemoth recently made available their latest video single entitled ‘Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer’, besides the new video, Behemoth is preparing to go on tour in April 2015 for fifteen shows in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and in Czech Republic.

Swedish, Stockholm masters of horror death metal Bloodbath, have recently released their fourth studio record entitled ‘Grand Morbid Funeral’ via Peaceville Records as well as a new video single ‘Church Of Vastitas’. Inferno Metal Festival will be a grand opportunity to see them live with their new vocalist, none other than Nick Holmes from British gothic act, Paradise Lost.

Finnish epic folk Ensiferum have completed the recording of their upcoming new studio record entitled ‘One Man Army’ due for a February 24th, 2015 release via Metal Blade Records.


Already confirmed are also the appearance of Antichrist, Dødsengel, Enslaved, Execration, Mortuary Drape, My Dying Bride, Naglfar, Secrets Of The Moon, Septicflesh, Slagmaur, Solbrud, and last but not least Svartidaudi.

Four-day festival passes are available (includes club night) for the sum of $173,00 EUR (roughly $216 US Dollars or $ 516 COP).

Three-day festival passes (including club night) for $150,00 (roughly $ 188 USD or $ 448 COP). Tickets are available online via Billettservice or through the phone line +47 81533133.

As a tradition, the Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania will be the official hosting hotel for this event. There you will be able to obtain your wristband, attend to pre- and after-parties, shop souvenirs and be able to engage into a myriad of other activities. The organization of the Inferno Metal Festival offers special rates between Sunday, March 19th to Sunday, April 6th, 2015. When purchasing tickets online, enter the promotional code “Inferno” to benefit of all specials and make sure to act with haste, as the pricing will be increasing significantly after February 16th, 2015.

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