Satyricon European Tour begins in Nijmegen, Netherlands

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Surprisingly fewer are the acts of the sort that rotate on my deck for a second and third overhear, and Norwegian black metal Satyricon are one of those. Noticeable is my uneasiness approaching the black metal scene that progressed throughout the past years while witnessing the abounding propaganda of new black metal records and newcomers that worsen to meet the expectations, specially if those newcomers emphasize in portraying themselves as the darkness itself while bearing the standard, now often ridden, corpse paint.

Either way, after their phenomenal yet successful World Dollarspa 2013 Tour, with Satyricon grasping a record amount of sold-out appearances in support for their most recent, self-titled album, Satyricon just began their The Dawn Of A New Age European Tour yesterday, April 4th, at Doornroosje in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. This tour will be the act’s only European tour throughout this whole year while Satyricon encompasses a meager hiatus from their 2014 live activities.

[blockquote cite=”Sigurd Wongraven”]I want to do this tour to complete the circle on the ‘Satyricon’ album and get behind the ‘Live At The Opera’ set, which is as far away from a conventional live album as you can get. I also want to share that experience with our fans in our hometown, Europe.

‘Live At The Opera’ came out brilliantly and while this is to be released soon, we are actually working on two more records simultaneously. The Dawn Of A New Age 2015 tour is a great arena for us to play some out of the ordinary shows. We plan on playing songs that we never play live, we plan on doing live jam sessions, and we want this to be a real event, not just a tour supporting the release of an album. We don’t play as many live shows as we used to and we like it that way. These days we spend a lot of time in our studio and music has never felt so good.

In 2015, you will get to see the beginning of the new Satyricon which is a band that is waving goodbye to the pre-set formulas of the music industry. You can’t vote on songs for us to play, there won’t be any lame sponsors, but if you play an instrument particularly well, get in touch with us and come jam with us on stage – or you can just enjoy watching. This tour is to celebrate our relationship with our fans. I think this has the potential of being our best tour ever and I know it’s going to be absolutely fantastic.[/blockquote]

In other news, Satyricon have confirmed a worldwide settlement with Napalm Records for the release of their expected DVD, entitled ‘Live At The Opera’.



  1. Voice Of Shadows
  2. Now, Diabolical
  3. Repined Bastard Nation
  4. Our World, It Rumbles Tonight
  5. Nocturnal Flare
  6. Die By My Hand
  7. Tro Og Kraft
  8. Phoenix
  9. Den Siste
  10. The Infinity Of Time And Space
  11. To The Mountains
  12. The Pentagram Burns
  13. Mother North
  14. K.I.N.G
  15. CD
  1. Voice Of Shadows
  2. Now, Diabolical
  3. Repined Bastard Nation
  4. Our World, It Rumbles Tonight
  5. Nocturnal Flare
  6. Die By My Hand
  7. Tro Og Kraft
  8. Phoenix
  9. CD
  1. Den Siste
  2. The Infinity Of Time And Space
  3. To The Mountains
  4. The Pentagram Burns
  5. Mother North
  6. K.I.N.G

In concordance with their self-titled studio record, ‘Satyricon’, their eight opus, they played a special and exclusive show on September 8th, 2013, at Den Norske Opera & Ballett in Oslo, Norway. It was there where they joined fifty-five musicians from the Norwegian National Opera Chorus as part of the Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival.

This performance was professionally recorded and filmed on the evening of September 8th, 2013 at the Norwegian National Opera House and is estimated to be released in both CD and DVD formats on May 1st in Europe and May 5th in North America, via Napalm Records, in numerous limited edition exclusives ensembles featuring distinctive artworks.

Satyricon’s self-titled studio record, was released on September 2013 in Norway via Indie Recordings, and in the rest of Europe through Roadrunner Records, and made possible in North America via Nuclear Blast Records. ‘Satyricon’ was produced by Sigurd Wongraven and was recorded in Norway, while mixed by Adam Kasper. The album features the vocals of Sivert Høyem, better known as the frontman for the rock act Madrugada.

They have also lately released an exclusive preview from the new album and DVD, ‘Live At The Opera’, as a video teaser, the unmastered version of ‘Die By My Hand’ which can be seen below.


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