Ghost by Jeremy Saffer

The lure and psyche of great beauty and horrors

It is attractive to respond to fear with a discernment that crawls down the spinal cords and seize the heart in a breathtaking grasp. Many will claim that it is an unpleasant sensation, carefully avoid the thrill that rushes through the blood at a quick pace, and the adrenaline abhorrent that follows.

The alternative freethinking of supernatural artistic designs

After approximately five years during which we regularly published articles linked to musical undertakings of public interest, yet close to honouring our sixth anniversary, I am thrilled to observe our constant expansion toward other cultural fields, while holding in reasoning that we withdrew grand part of our shortcomings and allowed a meaningful amount of articles associated with the supernatural and subcultural deviations of gothic frights to partake their scope within our pages.

Photograph by Carolin Seeliger

Alternative culture outside of the fringes of mainstream

In truth, various have been the innovations we had to undergo throughout the prior months considering the addition of newfangled and divergent content, conjointly with the rearrangement of our sections and pages. With the overflow of alternative cultural articles proffered by our journalists and reporters, although many of which haunted by a nineteenth-century aura of the supernatural, myths and literature, we evenly transitioned – successfully I might say – from a self-focused digital music publishing platform toward a more interchangeable, bookish, seeable and enlightening contemporary authorship. Undoubtedly, acknowledging and preserving our fundamental essence without subsiding entirely with the mainstream.

An unversed proclamation of mischievous hostility

Succeeding the 88th Academy Awards ceremony (also referred to as the Oscars 2016) that was held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on February 28, 2016, that frenzied through the social media while advocating the predominance to the now disreputable, yet rather divertingly unamusing, sadly picaresque blockbuster sequel titled Mad Max: Fury Road. The sequel that in my forthright opinion, did not subsist to recapture the astuteness of the classics, but rather endures a disheartening vibe.

Colombian events are a step closer to the gas chamber

It shall seem an awkward statement, yet in truth, Colombian events are not at their highest prime. Even though the strain to render professional events worthy of recognition appears to be yielding, with an increasing yet quite insignificant amount of quality events that indeed, may assure the audiences both their safety and economical comfort. The media press also sees their freedom to collect and publish relevant information regarding these events chuckled while doing searches throughout social channels instead of receiving a detailed press release on hand.

Vilify the audio streaming by enduring FM Stations

It shall come as a contradiction, but in truth the significance of owning a streaming radio station has shifted to a lesser relevant purpose with the passing of years. The competition nowadays has overwhelmingly ousted as thousands of green streaming sources appeared and service providers grew affordable by providing everyone with the utmost opportunity to sustain and nurture a playlist or an on air live streaming radio show at ease. But is it viable, or do we need so many radios online? The answer remains debatable.

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